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Here is a summary of all the galleries featured in my site:

Rome/Portugal, Euro 2004:

During the Euro 2004 I spent 4 days in Rome and then 4 days in Portugal, in the Lisbon area. I saw 2 quarter final games, England vs. Portugal and France vs. Greece. It's a good thing there is no direct flight from Tel-Aviv to Lisbon, so we HAD to go through Rome to get there.

China Trip, November 2003:

At November 2003 I was sent to China by my company on a small tour. During the tour I visited Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing. At the free days and free time I tried to see as much as possible of this amazing country. I highly recommend spending at least 3 weeks to see China, which I plan to do ASAP.

Jeep Trip - Ramat Hagolan, 26/5/2004:

My first real jeep trip with my new jeep was at the end of May 2004 to the Kineret area and Ramat Hagolan.

Atzmaut 2004:

To celebrate Yom Haatzmaut (Independence Day) 2004, I decided to invite a few friends (and their friends) to my parent's house in Beit Hanan, to sun and dine by the pool.

Alon's Saturday Pictures, 10/7/2004:

Since my friends, the Terrim, needed my assistance in photographing their wonderful, charismatic, amazing, enchanting, etc. kid, I took my camera to their house in Tzoran at a nice Saturday morning to photograph the phenomenon.

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